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Back in 2018,  Maurice, Tani and a few of her friends started the United Volleyball Club. Their idea was to create a club that embraced new members and encouraged them to feel confident in creating new friendships. To provide an environment where people could feel they belong and were not alone, that they could achieve in life or in volleyball, a space they could feel supported and eventually have the courage to approach larger volleyball clubs to pursue more from their Volleyball game.

The club also has a strong focus on fundraising to provide more opportunities for people to play and compete. In the future they want to travel to other communities overseas to help them access equipment and encourage them to play and spread their message of sport bringing people together. United volleyball also promotes unity and provides support to the diverse community of WA.

 UVCWA promotes unity and friendship amongst all the lovers of the sports volleyball. UVCWA conducts volleyball training sessions, 2 day Unity Cup tournament, participates in Volleyball WA events and supports the diverse community of Western Australia.


Members of UVCWA are invited to club tryouts and represent the UVC Cubs to compete in outside leagues within Western Australia such as Country of Origin, Collie Cup, WA Volleyball League and other invitational cups as well as interstate and international.

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The lion, wolf and bear represents diversity and the different characteristics of our members in UVCWA as well as a source of inspiration for our athletes. For example, some athletes may be inspired by a lion's leadership, power and strength, or the bear who is gentle, protective yet strong-willed and courageous. A pack of wolves symbolising unity, pride, loyalty and spirit.


In UVCWA, whatever pride, pack or group we come from, everyone is welcome to be a part of the camaraderie among members of the club. Additionally, The Club emblem is used to promote our message of acceptance and respect for diversity representing different cultures or backgrounds which can help to show that everyone is a valuable part of the team.

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