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Division 1 and 2 grading passed!

Congratulations to the 4 UVCWA teams nominated for the division 1 and 2 of the WA Volleyball League.

The Division 1 Mens team set the bar by winning both their matches against Murdoch and Busselton team. We are extremely excited to watch these boys. Get ready for some noise!

The Division 1 Womens won a very close game against Fremantle and another against the Reds who won the second game. Though it has been tough training with an incomplete team due to COVID isolations, this was enough to save their spot in the division.

April 10, our division 2 womens versed against Rossmoyne with spectators surrounding court 3. It was great to see the support for both teams in the lower divisions with both teams delivering some good volley and receiving some “wows” and “applause” from the stand. Our Cubs managed to win against the giant Raptors saving themselves a spot in the division.

For the division 2 mens team, it was a truly an inspiring day. They have proven that you don’t need to be the best or on top to inspire. The boys had the toughest day going against 3 top teams of WAVL. With 8 first timers in WAVL, 1 middle blocker playing his first ever competitive volleyball game and another on his second, the boys worked very hard, listened, applied and brough the best attitude in the court. There was a moment when we thought, surely, with the hardwork they’ve put in, they will get what they deserve And Division 2 it is!

Good luck to you all and however far you make it, We are already so proud of you all!! let’s gooooooo!!! 🐻🦁🦊

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Joanna Peralta
Joanna Peralta
19 apr. 2022

Well done to everyone

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