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WAVL 2022 Division try outs -

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

It's that time of the year again and this 2022 season, UVCWA is open to nominating more division teams to the WA Volleyball League.

The WA Volleyball League is the state’s premier Indoor Volleyball competition held at centres across the metropolitan area from May to September.

Be a part of the UVC Cubs and try out on February 19 at the Gold Netball Centre and a second session with Artem Ipatyev of AVAcademy will be holding a free introductory session on Feb 22 from 8PM - 10PM at the Belmont City College gymnasium.

Artem Ipatyev is an international gold medalist in indoor and beach volleyball with a long list of professional experience as well as representing the national team for Russia. Artem also played in the Australian Volleyball League.

AVAcademy offers a number of programs to develop your volleyball skills as well as coaching.

Some of the programs include:

• Program and plan for all season trainings

Skill analysis of players

• Training schedule for all ages and levels

• Players’ rotation management Responsibilities

• Develop adequate strength conditions for players

• Tournament preparation

• Preparation and organization of beach volleyball camps

UVCWA will be working closely with Artem to give all the aspiring volleyball athletes access to top level training and coaching.

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